Top 10 Tips for Freshers

Starting university life can be daunting, exciting, fun and downright scary. Here are our top tips for making the most of your time as a fresher… 

Read on for an excellent run through of tips from NUS ...

1. Get involved in as much as possible. It’s easier said than done, but getting involved in your students’ union and in societies is a great way of meeting likeminded people.

2. Make sure your NUS Extra card is permanently in your wallet – those all-important discounts will make a real difference when you’re on a budget.

3. Speaking of - make a budget, and do your best to stick to it. If you find yourself getting into financial troubles, someone in your students’ union or in the university or college will be able to offer advice and support.

4. If you’re living in halls, the people you’re put with might not be your first choices as friends but it can be a great way to get to know someone that you wouldn’t normally socialise with. Some of the most unlikely but wonderful friendships were formed in halls of residence.

5. If you’re in self-catered accommodation try cooking meals with your flatmates. It saves money and can be a handy way to pick up cooking tips and new recipe ideas.

6. Wash your hands! Every year lots of students fall ill with the notoriously named ‘fresher’s flu’. Avoid it by being vigilant, buying some hand sanitizer and staying away from the coughers and the sneezers.

7. Don’t rush into the decision to move in with a group of people. Often, there is a bit of a panic get your living situation for the second year arranged ASAP but it’s ok to wait until after Christmas to make final decisions.

8. Thinking about getting a part-time job? Depending on where you are your students’ union may have positions available in its pub, bar, cafe, club or shop. 

9. If your course includes a study abroad option, research this thoroughly. Lots of departments require certain grades for the year abroad and may take first year grades into account.

10. It might sound obvious, but we couldn’t possibly offer freshers’ advice without saying it – get started on your assignments early. If only for the reason that you will then have more time to procrastinate further down the line…